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  • Popular The Hurricane Express (1932): The Wrecker

    The Hurricane Express (1932): The Wrecker

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    Chapter 01: The Wrecker Chapter 02: Flying Pirates Chapter 03: The Masked Menace Chapter 04: Buried Alive Chapter 05: Danger Lights Chapter 06: The Airport Mystery Chapter 07: Sealed Lips Chapter 08: Outside the Law Chapter 09: The Invisible Enemy Chapter

  • Popular The Lawless Fontier

    The Lawless Fontier

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    John Tobin (John Wayne) is after the bandit Zanti (Earl Dwire) who killed his parents. He finds him just as Zanti is about to kill Dusty (George Hayes) and kidnap Ruby (Sheila Terry). Saving the two, he goes after Zanti. In true "B" western fashion, the g

  • Popular McLintock!  (wide screen and hd)

    McLintock! (wide screen and hd)

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    John Wayne Comedy Western filmed in widescreeen.

  • Popular Mclintock


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    This great comedy western stars John Wayne,Maureen O'Hara,Patrick Wayne, Stefanie Powers,Chill Wills, and Strother Marten. There is a hilarious mudhole fight scene at the end. This is the version you see on TV. It's lower DPI rating and has been formatte