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  • Popular "A Star is born" - Premiere (09/29/1954)

    "A Star is born" - Premiere (09/29/1954)

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    Kinescope of the World Premiere of "A Star is Born" at Hollywood's Pantages Theatre. We know where all the stars were on 9/29/54...Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons, Shelley Winters, Peggy Lee, Edward Arnold, Clark Gable, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Liberace

  • Popular 13 Demon Street (Fever)

    13 Demon Street (Fever)

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    13 Demon Street (Fever) Atmospheric and slightly bizarre horror series made in Sweden. Introduced by Lon Chaney Jr.

  • Popular Studio One: Abraham Lincoln

    Studio One: Abraham Lincoln

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    A biopic of Lincoln (Robert Pastene), with vignettes from his accepting the Republican nomination in 1860 right until the night at Ford's theater. A 21 year-old James Dean appears near the end of the play. Original Air Date: May 26, 1952 (Season 4, Episod

  • Popular The Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art (Informational)

    The Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art (Informational)

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    The Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art: An Informational Program Production Presented and introduced by Vincent Price

  • Popular The Mike Wallace Interview featuring Rod Serling

    The Mike Wallace Interview featuring Rod Serling

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    Classic Serling at his misanthropic best This is definately a slice of TV heaven. Rod Serling was a pioneer of cutting edge TV famous for creating The Twilight Zone. His reputation as a the angry young man of Hollywood is finely illustrated in this probin

  • Popular High Flight...

    High Flight...

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    Like many others, growing I would stay up on weekend night's to watch the closing of the local TV station. Hight flight would always come on and I could go to bed and dream... The last words 'reached out and touched the face of god' has always meant so mu