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  • Popular Walmart Empty Shelves

    Walmart Empty Shelves

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    I did some research and come up with some reasons for the empty shelves. It was started by the Hoarders. They stripped the shelves of many of the life essential things like cleaning supplies, paper goods, meats that could be frozen, canned goods and more

  • Popular "A Star is born" - Premiere (09/29/1954)

    "A Star is born" - Premiere (09/29/1954)

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    Kinescope of the World Premiere of "A Star is Born" at Hollywood's Pantages Theatre. We know where all the stars were on 9/29/54...Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons, Shelley Winters, Peggy Lee, Edward Arnold, Clark Gable, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Liberace

  • Popular 13 Demon Street (Fever)

    13 Demon Street (Fever)

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    13 Demon Street (Fever) Atmospheric and slightly bizarre horror series made in Sweden. Introduced by Lon Chaney Jr.

  • Popular Studio One: Abraham Lincoln

    Studio One: Abraham Lincoln

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    A biopic of Lincoln (Robert Pastene), with vignettes from his accepting the Republican nomination in 1860 right until the night at Ford's theater. A 21 year-old James Dean appears near the end of the play. Original Air Date: May 26, 1952 (Season 4, Episod

  • Popular The Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art (Informational)

    The Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art (Informational)

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    The Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art: An Informational Program Production Presented and introduced by Vincent Price

  • Popular The Mike Wallace Interview featuring Rod Serling

    The Mike Wallace Interview featuring Rod Serling

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    Classic Serling at his misanthropic best This is definately a slice of TV heaven. Rod Serling was a pioneer of cutting edge TV famous for creating The Twilight Zone. His reputation as a the angry young man of Hollywood is finely illustrated in this probin

  • Popular High Flight...

    High Flight...

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    Like many others, growing I would stay up on weekend night's to watch the closing of the local TV station. Hight flight would always come on and I could go to bed and dream... The last words 'reached out and touched the face of god' has always meant so mu