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Movies Comedy

  • Popular The Little Shop Of Horrors

    The Little Shop Of Horrors

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    Roger Corman classic about a nerdy flowershop clerk who grows a giant, man-eating plant. Jack Nicholson makes his film debut as a dental patient who loves pain.

  • Popular The Flying Deuces

    The Flying Deuces

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    This was the first comedy that Laurel and Hardy starred in without producer Hal Roach, although they had previously been "guest stars" in four MGM movies. After they finished making "The Flying Deuces," they returned to Hal Roach Studios to make films. In

  • Popular Meet John Doe

    Meet John Doe

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    A man needing money agrees to impersonate a nonexistent person who said he'd be committing suicide as a protest, and a political movement begins.

  • Popular My Man Godfrey

    My Man Godfrey

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    Ditzy socialite with a heart of gold, Irene Bullock (Carole Lombard) finds "forgotten man" Godfrey Smith (William Powell) in a scavenger hunt. Eventually Godfrey is taken in as the family butler for the Bullocks and screwball antics and romance ensue.

  • Popular My Favorite Brunette

    My Favorite Brunette

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    Bob Hope comedy with Dorothy Lamour. |

  • Popular Utopia


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    Utopia (also known as Atoll K and Robinson Crusoe Land) is last film Laurel and Hardy made together. It was filmed and produced in Europe.

  • Popular His Girl Friday

    His Girl Friday

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    Hilarious romantic comedy starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. Russell is rough and tumble reporter looking to get out of the news racket by marrying and becoming a house wife after her divorce from newspaper publisher Grant. Just when she is about t

  • Popular Scarlet Street 1945

    Scarlet Street 1945

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    German director Fritz Lang is best known for the highly influential films from relatively early in his career, especially Metropolis (1927) and M (1931). But he also had a brief Hollywood heyday during the mid 1940s, when he made some of his best films. S

  • Popular Double Exposure (1944)

    Double Exposure (1944)

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    A NY magazine editor sends a job offer to an Iowa photographer, and is surprised to find out that Pat is a Patricia instead of a Patrick. He falls for Pat. But Pat is still in love with Ben, who has followed her to NY.

  • Popular My Favorite Burnette (1947)

    My Favorite Burnette (1947)

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    Shortly before his execution on the death row in San Quentin, amateur sleuth and baby photographer Ronnie Jackson, tells reporters how he got there. Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Peter Lorre

  • Popular St. Benny the Dip

    St. Benny the Dip

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    St. Benny the Dip is blessed with a marvelous cast. Dick Haymes, Lionel Stander, and Cosmo Topper himself, Roland Young, play a trio of small time hoodlums who disguise themselves as priests to escape a police dragnet. Finding themselves in an abandoned B

  • Popular The Nut Farm

    The Nut Farm

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    Bob (Oscar Apfel) and Helen (Betty Alden) decide to move to California and make a fresh start. Bob wants to buy a nut farm, but Helen dreams of being in the movies