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Charlie Chaplin

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "The Knockout"

    Charlie Chaplin's "The Knockout"

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    Charlie Chaplins 17th Film Released June 11 1914 The Knockout was Charlie Chaplin's seventeenth film for Keystone Studios. Chaplin only has a small role, and Fatty Arbuckle takes up the main role. It also stars Arbuckle's wife, Minta Durfee, Edgar Kennedy

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "Police"

    Charlie Chaplin's "Police"

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    Charlie Chaplin's 49th Film Released May 27 1916 Police was Charlie Chaplin's 14th released film from Essanay. It was made at the Majestic Studio in Los Angeles. Charlie playing an ex-convict finds life on the outside not to his liking and leads him to br

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "The Adventurer"

    Charlie Chaplin's "The Adventurer"

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    Charlie Chaplin's 62nd Film Released Oct. 22 1917 The Adventurer is a short comedy film written and directed by Charlie Chaplin. It is the last out of the twelve films made while he was under contract for the Mutual Film Corportation. Chaplin plays an esc

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "The Immigrant"

    Charlie Chaplin's "The Immigrant"

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    Charlie Chaplin's 61st Film Released June 17 1917. The Immigrant (also called Broke) starring the Charlie Chaplin Tramp character as an immigrant coming to the United States who is accused of theft on the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, and befriends a

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "A Fair Exchange"

    Charlie Chaplin's "A Fair Exchange"

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    Charlie Chaplins 34th Film Released Dec. 05 1914. This Film was released as Getting Acquainted.

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "The Good For Nothing"

    Charlie Chaplin's "The Good For Nothing"

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    Charlie Chaplins 25th Film Released Aug. 31 1914 As His New Profession An American comedy silent film made at the Keystone Studios and starring Charlie Chaplin. The film involves Chaplin taking care of a man in a wheelchair.

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "Mabels Strange Predicament"

    Charlie Chaplin's "Mabels Strange Predicament"

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    Charlie Chaplins 3rd Film Released Feb. 09 1914

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "Making A Living"

    Charlie Chaplin's "Making A Living"

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    Charlie Chaplin's 1st Film Released Feb. 02 1914 Making a Living is the first film appearance of Charlie Chaplin, which premiered on February 2, 1914. Chaplin plays a lady-charming swindler, Edgar English, who runs afoul of the Keystone Kops. Chaplin's fa

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "One A.M."

    Charlie Chaplin's "One A.M."

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    Charlie Chaplin's 54th Film Released Aug. 07 1916 One A.M. was a unique Charlie Chaplin silent film created for Mutual Films in 1916. It was the first film he starred in alone, except for a brief scene of Albert Austin playing a cab driver. Chaplin plays

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "Kids Auto Race At Venice"

    Charlie Chaplin's "Kids Auto Race At Venice"

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    Charlie Chaplin's 2nd Film Released Feb. 07 1914 Kid Auto Races At Venice is 1914 American-made motion picture starring Charlie Chaplin in which his "Tramp" character makes a first appearance. Made by Keystone Studios and directed by Henry Lehrman, in it

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "Charlie's Recreation"

    Charlie Chaplin's "Charlie's Recreation"

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    Charlie Chaplin's 23rd film released August 13 1914

  • Popular Charlie Chaplin's "Tillies Punctured Romance"

    Charlie Chaplin's "Tillies Punctured Romance"

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    Charlie Chaplin's 33rd Film Released Nov. 14 1914. Tillie's Punctured Romance was the first feature-length comedy film from Keystone Film Company and the Christie Film Company, produced in 1914. A silent film directed by Mack Sennett, the film stars Marie